All the pictures can be ordered as photo-prints in a variety of sizes.  By request, they can also be supplied (also at cost) mounted and framed - just ask us for options.

Pricing is elegantly simple - they are all supplied at cost. We just ask you to consider (completely optional!) making a donation to a charity working to overcome dementia in your own country. In the UK our preferred choice would be the Alzheimer's Society (they helped Laurence and Brenda a lot over the years) but the choice is entirely yours.

How does it work?

You choose the prints you'd like and let us know. If you go ahead and also make a donation of your choice to a charity working to overcome dementia then just email us some kind of proof - a receipt or similar (you don't even need to show the amount) - and Laurence will sign and date your prints and even add a personal 'thank you'. We don't even suggest an amount - that is completely up to you AND you can also look at using Gift Aid if that is an option where you live. That's it. Simple. No complications. You don't need to worry that we're making tons of cash on the deal, because - as you can tell by the prices - we're not! We're just pleased that you'd like a copy of the pictures and you get to feel lovely for supporting a very worthwhile cause.

Once you have chosen the print(s) you would like, email us using the 'Contact Laurence' button with the details and we will get back to you with a total price and details on how to pay. You can use the same method to send us details of any donation you make to a dementia charity if you decide to do so.

All prints are on good quality, lustre-finish photo-paper and - if you also make a donation to a dementia charity - they will be signed and dated on the back, with a personal 'thank you' from Laurence. If you would like a particular message for, say, a gift, just let us know.

* Post & packing: Prices include P&P for a single item to addresses in the UK. When you contact us, the total price will be adjusted for multiple items or for postage overseas.

Any questions? Just ask...

Contact Laurence

  • © L Sandman


  • © L Sandman

    South Alaskan Sunset

  • © L Sandman

    Starry, Starry Liverpool

  • © L Sandman

    African Sunset

Print sizes:

© L Sandman

16in x 12in: £7.00 *

© L Sandman

12in x 10in: £4.00 *

© L Sandman

10in x 8in: £2.20 *

© L Sandman

7in x 5in: £1.10 *

© L Sandman

6in x 4in: £1.00 *

All prices shown are for a single print and include post & packing.

Note: Prints supplied do not bear the watermark '(c) Laurence Sandman 2016'.